spring is in sight. My creative juices are flowing and compel me to produce beautiful paintings


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New works

Hi friends and lovers of the arts! We invite you to see our most recent works.  This spring we were fascinated by the blooming peach trees in the neighboring orchards. Dora and I finished two fairly large paintings for you to see.  We will have some suitable frames for them and they will be available… read more

Creating art to support orphans

For me and my wife painting is not simply a personal enjoyment. It is a vital part of our lives. Both of us feel that our lives have an important purpose. We are committed to those among us who are burdened with various problems. Therefore we have decided to donate the income from the sale… read more

The Challenges of Winter

Hello friends: The low temperatures and the masses of snow present a real challenge to the en-plain air artist. Right now I am sitting at a window in my studio. It is snowing covering the landscape with a thik blanket of snow. The massive and tall oak trees are tempting me to go outside and… read more

setting up my studio

  Space  One of the challenges for the growing artist is space. I enjoy painting on smaller canvasses such as 11X14.. On the other hand I have more freedom working on larger canvasses. Larger works require more  space. This in turn makes good organization a must.   Organization  At the moment I may have to… read more


Dear Friends: I am prompted to talk to you about the importance of organization in your art work. Whether you are working in your studio or in the field you must be disciplined and well organized. Brushes, paints, palettes and proper easels have to be in place. In other words you must always be ready… read more


Hi friends I have gladly read your comments. As a painter I always look forward to a  constructive criticism of my work. Criticism based on a careful analysis of a painting helps the artist to grow,  This has been the main emphasis in some of my best workshops with Master artists. After all even if… read more

Painting Outdoors

Hello friends: Personally I prefer to paint on site out in the fresh air. Here I block in my painting  I use turpenoid as a solvent. It works better for me than turpentine. As a medium I make a mixture of 1 part of stand oil with 4-5 parts of turps.  After I have blocked… read more

A New Start

Dear Art Enthusiasts:  In the following posts I will be very happy to share with you our common interests in painting. When I married my wife I had no clue that art was in her blood as it is in mine. In high school it became clear to me that I needed to pursue a… read more

New works from Herbert’s Gallery

On this post you will see a number of recent works  These paintings are done in different locations and all them represent original scenes. I hope you will enjoy them. Let me know what you think, Herb Kiesler

New works on our website

We believe that paintings add a lot of warmth to your home. They make your home a cozy place where you are able to relax and meditate. Unlike prints paintings keep their value for a long time. It is useless to say, but choose and buy only the painting you like.  I also wish to… read more

Dora;s new works

My wife does not only enjoy  painting flowers, but she has reached a fairly high level in portraiture. Look at some samples of her work

Painting Adventures in Maine

Future dreams   I have never stopped dreaming about future painting sites. There are some favored locations on my mind where I would like to spend time in painting. The National Parks offer endless site who cry out to be painted. I would also like the Oregon and Californian coasts as subject matter for my work.  Secondly… read more

Among Fishermen

A Friend of People.    One cannot be an outdoor painter without befriending people. There are times when a special location is inaccessible. Many lake views are blocked and cannot be trespassed. The artist needs to apply good public relations in order to have a legitimate access to a desirable location. I have never been turned down by… read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of plain-air painting

Disadvantages    Let me first point out the disadvantages of plain-air painting. As a painter I am not afraid to meet the elements when I go out to work. I have not been out during a snow storm, but like many a painter I have weathered strong winds and storms. It is not in my nature to do field… read more

I love public exhibitions

Why I like public exhibitions.    Good art work should hang in prestigious galleries. For practical reasons, however, public exhibitions can be very lucrative.  While I was a student at McGill University in Montreal I did not neglect to produce my art work. After I had a collection of 50 paintings my wife talked to the administration of Place-Ville-Marie concerning some exhibition… read more

The Joy of plain-air painting

Finding a suitable location    For a long time I had a problem to find the paintable scene. I would drive many miles to find a suitable place at a lake  river or mountain. Little did I realize that there are paintable objects in my immediate neighbourhood.  It took a while before I understood that it… read more

Painting My Passion

First oil painting course.    Long before I took my first oil painting class I have analyzed many paintings. I was fascinated by paintings done in impasto. Then one day my wife enrolled me in an oil painting class to be held in the basement of a high school in East Grand Rapids. Here we… read more

My Art Adventure

First oil painting course.    Long before I took my first oil painting class I have analyzed many paintings. I was fascinated by paintings done in impasto. Then one day my wife enrolled me in an oil painting class to be held in the basement of a high school in East Grand Rapids. Here we… read more

Painting is lots of fun. Never give up!

 Workshop Experience       Painting in any media can be a lot of fun, but it can also be  very frustrating. Even attending classes at a well-known art school will not necessary make you the painter you want to be. Workshops, qualified tutors and fellow students in art-school have been most helpful in my development as an artist.… read more